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Lower Emissions, Higher Returns: The Importance of Environmental Reporting in Real Estate Investing

thumb_reitReal estate plays a pivotal role in determining public and environmental health. In the United States, commercial and residential real estate accounts for around 40% of both total electricity use and carbon emissions. More and more, investors consider these risk factors. As a result, REITs are increasingly incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into their asset analyses. What’s more, studies have shown a strong correlation between firms that report these non-financial factors and the profitability of property owners and operators.

Performance-Based Procurement: Infusing Your Design-Build Contract with Energy Requirements

thumb_ProcurementInnovation is a crucial part of the green building movement. That’s the idea behind a new trend: performance-based procurement. First developed by the Colorado-based National Renewable Energy Laboratory, performance-based procurement is an approach that sets into motion higher energy efficiency in a building before a shovel ever meets dirt.

Chicago Announces New Chief Resilience Officer

thumb_koch_aaronLike other global cities, Chicago faces many challenges at the outset of the 21st Century. Overcoming these requires an ability to be resilient, to bounce back from adversity and to over-prepare for eventual hardship. To help in this fight, Aaron Koch has been named the first Chief Resilience Officer in Chicago.

New Chief Sustainability Officer in Chicago

cityhall2_thumbKaren Weigert has resigned as Chief Sustainability Officer at the City of Chicago. Replacing her will be Chris Wheat, previously the head of the Mayor’s Innovation Team.

Transit-Oriented Development and Waking up from the American Dream

thumb_todUrban planning is one of those practices one might not notice until encountering a poor example of it. While the frustration of a long commute may annoy the lay person, urban planning wonks know that the ways we arrange and interact with our built environment can have powerful impacts. One emerging part of the urban planner’s toolbox is transit-oriented development (TOD). As our culture shifts, with more and more people opting to live in dense, urban neighborhoods and renouncing automobiles, the urban landscape must respond.

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