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Sustainability at the Shedd ... Transit-Oriented Development and Waking up from the American Dream ... Sustainable Design at the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial ... Overcoming the Challenges of a Green Hotel

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Transit-Oriented Development and Waking up from the American Dream

thumb_todUrban planning is one of those practices one might not notice until encountering a poor example of it. While the frustration of a long commute may annoy the lay person, urban planning wonks know that the ways we arrange and interact with our built environment can have powerful impacts. One emerging part of the urban planner’s toolbox is transit-oriented development (TOD). As our culture shifts, with more and more people opting to live in dense, urban neighborhoods and renouncing automobiles, the urban landscape must respond.

New Facility Targets Tomorrow’s Electricians

thumb_intechThe cost to install alternative energy technology has steadily dropped for the last several years. One consequence of this competitive pricing on renewables is that the next generation of electricians will need revolutionary training in order to install and maintain these revolutionary technologies. That’s why the IBEW NECA Technical Institute opened a renewable energy training field to train electricians on the latest sustainable technologies at the country’s largest outdoor training campus of its kind.

Chicago Names New Heads to Building Department and Public Building Commission

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s second term has started with a little bit of department head shuffling. Felicia Davis has been named the Executive Director of the Public Building Commission and Judy Frydland is the new Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Buildings.

The Right Window Means a New Lease on Life … and New Leases

The elder sibling of Prudential Plaza turns 60 this year. As a birthday gift, it’s getting a $100 million upgrade which includes new mechanical systems, a 10,000 square foot outdoor deck and other improvements. The most extensive change, however, is hidden in plain sight: the replacement of every window in the building’s façade.

Waste Management’s Dirty Little Secret

The hauling and handling of garbage is a job that few of us really want to think about. But we should, because the industry has a huge potential to increase landfill diversion, resource conservation, material reuse and, perhaps most importantly, jobs. In the Chicago metropolitan region, that potential is particularly large.

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