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Petcoke and Chicago: Can They Coexist?

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petcoke1By Erin Verpil

With petcoke piles growing larger on the south side of Chicago, a battle is ensuing over the newly proposed ordinance introduced in February by Mayor Emanuel, Alderman Pope (10th) and Alderman Burke (14th). This ordinance would “prevent Chicago from becoming a dumping ground” for petroleum coke, known as “petcoke,” in the city and ban expansion of existing facilities that process, store or handle the material.
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Through January 15th, 2014

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The Chicago City Council has made changes to the following sections of the Chicago Municipal Code.

4-64-091 Tobacco Product Defined (Tobacco Dealers)
4-64-131 Tobacco Products — Self-Service Displays — Prohibited (Tobacco Dealers)
4-64-191 Certain Transactions Prohibited (Tobacco Dealers)
7-32-010 Definitions (Chicago Indoor Air Ordinance of 2008)
7-32-035 Exemptions (Chicago Indoor Air Ordinance of 2008)
13-72-080 Examination of Records by Unit Owners (Condominiums)
17-3-0503 Designation and Boundaries (Business & Commercial Districts)
17-6-0403 Allowed Uses (Special Purpose Districts)

Through December 11th, 2013

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The Chicago City Council has made changes to the following sections of the Chicago Municipal Code.

4-288-122 Permit to Assemble or Jump Cranes — When Required — Unlawful Acts (Crane Operators)
4-288-125 Notification of Accident or Safety Issue — Required (Crane Operators)
4-288-127 Safe Equipment — Required (Crane Operators)
4-288-128 Failure to Comply With Rules and Regulations — Unlawful Act (Crane Operators)
4-64-098 Flavored Tobacco Product Defined (Tobacco Dealers)

4-288-080 Licenses Issued by Other Governmental Agencies (Crane Operators)

2-8-850 Powers and Duties (City Council and Wards of the City)
4-156-430 Athletic Contests at Night and on Weekday Afternoons Restrictions (Amusements)
4-288-020 Definitions (Crane Operators)
4-288-030 Application — Qualification for Examination (Crane Operators)
4-288-040 Examinations — Administration, Regulation and Enforcement (Crane Operators)
4-288-050 Examination — Exemptions and Waivers (Crane Operators)
4-288-060 License — Issuance (Crane Operators)
4-288-070 License — Classification (Crane Operators)
4-288-090 License — Term — Renewals — Reinstatement Fee (Crane Operators)
4-288-100 Examination and License Fees (Crane Operators)
4-288-110 Apprentice Crane Operators — Permit Required (Crane Operators)
4-288-120 Carrying License, Certificate or Permit While Operating Crane — Required (Crane Operators)
4-288-130 License — Revocation, Suspension or Nonrenewal (Crane Operators)
4-288-140 Violation — Penalty (Crane Operators)
17-6-0403 Allowed Uses (Special Purpose Districts)
4-64-180 Prohibited Locations (Tobacco Dealers)

BOMA/Chicago Announces 2014 TOBY Winners

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By Matt Baker

300 N. LaSalle Street, which won this year's TOBY Earth Award.

300 N. LaSalle Street, which won this year’s TOBY Earth Award.

Last week, the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago (BOMA/Chicago) announced the winners of the Gold Circle and TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) Awards at a gala held in Union Station’s Great Hall.

The TOBY Awards recognize excellence in office building management, with the slate of nominee buildings divided up by size and function. Criteria for the judges included emergency preparedness, budget management, tenant relations initiatives, commitment to environmental sustainability, security and other factors.
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Through November 26th, 2013

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The Chicago City Council has made changes to the following sections of the Chicago Municipal Code.

2-64-025 Educational Materials — Purchasing Authority (Municipal Libraries)
4-64-205 Reward for Information Regarding Illegal Sale of Cigarettes (Tobacco Dealers)
9-108-015 Horse-Drawn Carriage License — Required (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-035 Horse-Drawn Carriage — Qualifications for License (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-040 Horse-Drawn Carriage License — Investigation and Issuance of License (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-045 Horse-Drawn Carriage License — Application Denial (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-050 Horse-Drawn Carriage License — Fee and Term (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-060 Horse-Drawn Carriage License — Rescission (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-080 Insurance — Required (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-180 License Suspension or Revocation (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-200 Rules and Regulations Promulgation (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-240 Violation — Penalty (Horse-Drawn Carriages)

2-22-040 Commissioner of Buildings — Powers and Duties (Department of Buildings)
2-45-010 Establishment — Composition (Department of Community Development)
2-45-020 Definitions (Department of Community Development)
2-45-030 Commissioner of Planning and Development Housing and Economic Development — Appointment (Department of Community Development)
2-45-040 Commissioner of Planning and Development Housing and Economic Development — Powers and Duties (Department of Community Development)
2-45-047 Proposals Affecting Zoning or Land Use Planning (Department of Community Development)
2-45-050 Transfer of Rights, Powers and Duties (Department of Community Development)
2-45-055 Planned Developments (Department of Community Development)
2-45-060 Formulation and Execution of Programs (Department of Community Development)
2-45-070 Divisions of the Department (Department of Community Development)
2-45-110 Affordable Housing Commitment (Department of Community Development)
2-45-120 Affordable Rental Housing Data Bank — Subscription Fees (Department of Community Development)
2-45-130 Participation by Eligible Persons in Eligible Programs (Department of Community Development)
2-45-140 Federally Assisted Housing Preservation (Department of Community Development)
2-45-155 Tax Increment Financing (T.I.F.) Sunshine Ordinance (Department of Community Development)
2-51-050 Commissioner of Fleet and Facility Management — Powers and Duties (Department of Fleet and Facility Management)
2-92-325 Predatory Lenders (Department of Purchases Contracts and Suppliers)
2-92-416 Compliance With Building Code (Department of Purchases Contracts and Suppliers)
2-92-440 Award Goal — Implementation (Department of Purchases Contracts and Suppliers)
2-92-460 Target Market Program (Department of Purchases Contracts and Suppliers)
2-116-010 Appointment — Membership (Zoning and Examination Boards)
2-120-300 Establishment — Powers and Duties (Commissioners and Commissions)
2-120-380 Membership, Organization and Meetings (Commissioners and Commissions)
2-120-510 Powers And Duties (Commissioners and Commissions)
2-120-590 Commission — Creation, Composition and Officers (Commissioners and Commissions)
2-120-640 Preliminary Recommendation — Request for Planning Report (Commissioners and Commissions)
2-120-690 Commission Recommendation Following Hearing (Commissioners and Commissions)
2-124-020 Established — Composition — Transfer of Powers and Duties (Community Development Commission)
2-124-030 Commission — Powers and Duties (Community Development Commission)
2-156-080 Conflicts of Interest; Appearance of Impropriety (Governmental Ethics)
2-156-110 Interest in City Business (Government Ethics)
2-158-010 Procedure (Sale of Surplus Land)
2-158-070 Authorization (Sale of Surplus Land)
2-158-090 Procedures (Sale of Surplus Land)
2-159-020 Establishment of Program (Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition Program)
2-159-030 Definitions (Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition Program)
2-160-120 Violation — Penalty (Human Rights)
3-32-230 Building Wrecking — Permit Required — Safety Requirements (Building Permits)
3-42-020 Tax Imposed (Tobacco Dealers)
3-46-065 Underserved Areas (Chicago Ground Transportation Tax)
4-6-170 Hospitals (Regulated Business License)
4-6-230 Booting of Motor Vehicles (Regulated Business License)
4-8-010 Definitions (Food Establishments)
4-83-050 Certification of Application Required — Circumstances When License Issuance Prohibited (Heliports)
4-83-130 Orders to Cease Operations (Heliports)
4-83-170 Rules and Regulations (Heliports)
4-156-020 Tax Imposed (Amusements)
4-244-141 Speech Peddling — Additional Area Allowed (Peddlers)
5-8-130 Violation — Penalty (Chicago Fair Housing Regulations)
5-12-170 Summary of Ordinance Attached to Rental Agreement (Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance)
5-24-010 Definitions (Compliance with Child Support Orders)
7-38-146 Designating Areas Underserved by Grocery Stores (Food Establishments Sanitary Operating Requirements)
8-32-140 Construction, Repair or Demolition Equipment (Noise and Vibration Control)
9-64-010 Applicability — Exemptions (Parking Regulations)
9-64-091 Industrial Permit Parking (Parking Regulations)
9-64-190 Parking Meter Zones — Regulations (Parking Regulations)
9-76-040 Horns and Warning Devices (Vehicle Equipment)
9-80-020 Red Lights and Flashing Lights (Miscellaneous Rules)
9-80-010 Blue Lights and Flashing, Rotating or Oscillating Blue Beams (Miscellaneous Rules)
9-92-080 Release Procedure For Impounded Vehicles (Impounding and Relocation of Vehicles)
9-100-020 Violation — Penalty (Administrative Adjudication of Parking)
9-108-010 Definitions (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-020 Horse-Drawn Carriage License — Restrictions (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-030 Horse-Drawn Carriage License — Application (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-070 Horse-Drawn Carriage License Plate or Decal — Replacement and Fee (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-090 Regulations (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-100 Commissioner Powers and Duties — Inspection (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-130 Information to be Displayed (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-140 Horse-Drawn Carriage Chauffeur — License Required (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-150 Horse-Drawn Carriage Chauffeur License — Application — Qualifications — Fee (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-160 Requirements for Operation — Possession of Weapon Prohibited (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-170 Change of Information — Notification Required (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-190 Licenses Not Required When (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-108-250 Payment of Fines (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
10-28-060 A Produce Stand on the Public Way Pilot Program (Structures on and Under Public Ways)
10-28-160 Notice to Alderman (Structures on and Under Public Ways)
10-28-781 Multiple Newsrack Area (Structures on and Under Public Ways)
11-4-575 Emission Reduction Credit Banking and Trading Program (Environmental Protection and Control)
11-4-1890 Promotion of Economic Development — Markets for Recycled Materials (Environmental Protection and Control)
11-6-170 Powers and Duties of the Commissioner and Other City Department Heads (Green Business Program)
13-32-231 Rooftop Gravity Tank Wrecking — Permit Required (Building Permits)
16-4-100 Chicago Plan Commission — Responsibilities, Powers and Duties (Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance)
16-4-110 Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development Housing and Economic Development — Duties and Responsibilities (Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance)
16-4-120 Building Commissioner — Duties and Responsibilities (Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance)
16-4-130 Investigation (Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance)
16-6-040 Additional Information Required (Flood Control)
16-8-050 Application — Review and Determination (Planned Manufacturing Districts)
16-8-060 Approval Procedure — Commission Empowered to Adopt Regulations (Planned Manufacturing Districts)
16-12-020 Definitions (Chicago Enterprise Zone Ordinance)
16-12-060 Zone Administrator — Powers and Duties (Chicago Enterprise Zone Ordinance)
16-18-040 Fee Formula (The Open Space Impact Fee Ordinance)
16-18-110 Administrative Procedures (The Open Space Impact Fee Ordinance)
17-1-0700 Development Manual (Introductory Provisions)
17-1-0804 Zoning of Annexed Lands (Introductory Provisions)
17-4-1003 Administration (Downtown Districts)
17-4-1004 Affordable Housing (Downtown Districts)
17-4-1012 Water Features in Public Open Spaces (Downtown Districts)
17-4-1015 Green Roofs (Downtown Districts)
17-4-1018 Off-Site Park and Open Space Contributions (Downtown Districts)
17-4-1019 Streetscape Improvements (Downtown Districts)
17-4-1020 Transit Station Improvements (Downtown Districts)
17-4-1021 Pedway Improvements (Downtown Districts)
17-4-1022 Adopt-a-Landmark (Downtown Districts)
17-8-0913 Heliports, Helistops or Vertiports (Planned Developments)
17-9-0103 Urban Farm (Use Regulations)
17-10-0207 Off-Street Parking Schedule (Parking and Loading)
17-10-1102 Special Uses (Parking and Loading)
17-13-0103 Filing Fees (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-13-0107 Public Hearing Notices (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-13-0109 Summary of Procedure (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-13-0503 Community Meeting (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-13-0504 Report and Recommendation (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-13-0703 Community Meeting (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-13-0704 Recommendations — Zoning Administrator (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-13-1302 Applications (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-14-0100 General (Administration)
17-14-0200 Department of Planning and Development (Administration)
17-14-0201 Creation (Administration)
17-17-0264 Government-Subsidized (Terminology and Measurements)

Through November 13, 2013

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The Chicago City Council has made changes to the following sections of the Chicago Municipal Code.

2-32-082 Comptroller — Debt Collection Contracts Employing Ex-Offenders (Department of Finance)
11-4-1935 Construction Site Reprocessing Authorization (Environmental Protection and Control)
11-4-2150 Environmental Standards Related to the Demolition, Renovation, Asbestos Abatement and Maintenance, Sandblasting, Chemical Washing, and Grinding of Buildings, Facilities or Other Structures(Environmental Protection and Control)

Through October 16, 2013

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The Chicago City Council has made changes to the following sections of the Chicago Municipal Code.

4-144-400 Definitions (Weapons)
4-144-410 License Required (Weapons)
4-144-420 Application — Additional Information Required (Weapons)
4-144-430 License Issuance And Renewal (Weapons)
4-144-440 Department Duties (Weapons)
4-144-450 Legal Duties (Weapons)
4-144-460 Operating Without A License (Weapons)
4-144-470 Penalty (Weapons)
9-32-040 Reckless Driving at, or Interfering with, a Funeral Procession — Impoundment (Funeral Processions)

2-14-132 Impoundment (Department of Administrative Hearings)
4-4-336 Improper Business Signs (General Licensing Provisions)
4-144-010 License — Required (Weapons)
9-64-206 Parking Meters — Hours Of Operation (Parking Regulations)
11-4-120 Definitions (Environmental Protection and Control)
11-4-2510 Definitions (Environmental Protection and Control)
11-4-2540 Permit — Classification (Environmental Protection and Control)
13-12-125 Vacant Buildings — Owner Required to Act — Enforcement Authority (Enforcement of Building, Electrical and Fire Regulations)
17-17-0105 Industrial Use Group (Terminology and Measurements)

Through September 11th, 2013

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The Chicago City Council has made changes to the following sections of the Chicago Municipal Code.

Chapter 18-14 Building Energy Use Benchmarking
4-144-300 Definitions (Weapons)
4-144-310 License Required (Weapons)
4-144-320 Application — Additional Information Required (Weapons)
4-144-330 License Issuance and Renewal (Weapons)
4-144-340 Department Duties (Weapons)
4-144-350 Legal Duties (Weapons)
4-144-360 Operating Without a License (Weapons)
4-144-380 Penalty (Weapons)
8-4-350 Enhanced Penalties for Offenses Committed in Public Transportation Safety Zones (Public Peace ans Welfare)
9-112-035 Licensee to Provide State Law Information (Taxicabs)
17-8-0516 Floor Area Increases for Transit-Served Locations (Planned Developments)

2-84-077 Firearm Training (Department of Police)
4-144-040 Daily Report Required — Sales or Gifts (Weapons)
4-144-050 Register Required (Weapons)
4-144-060 Restrictions on Sales or Gifts (Weapons)
4-144-070 Permit Required When — Issuance Conditions (Weapons)
4-144-080 Sales Display Restrictions (Weapons)
4-144-130 Report Required — Repairs (Weapons)
4-144-170 Daily Report Required (Weapons)
4-144-180 Permit — Required (Weapons)
4-144-200 Granting of Permit — Conditions (Weapons)
8-20-020 Unlawful Possession of Handguns (Weapons)
8-20-030 Unlawful Possession of Long Guns (Weapons)
8-20-035 Unlawful Possession of Unregisterable Firearms (Weapons)
8-20-040 Firearms Kept or Maintained in a Home (Weapons)
8-20-080 Possession of Ammunition (Weapons)
8-20-090 Interstate Transportation of Firearms (Weapons)
8-20-110 CFP — Required (Weapons)
8-20-120 CFP — Application (Weapons)
8-20-130 CFP Card — Fee and Expiration (Weapons)
8-20-140 Firearm Registration Certificate — Required (Weapons)
8-20-145 Registration Certificates — Expiration (Weapons)
8-20-150 Application Fee (Weapons)
8-20-160 Restrictions on Issuance of Registration Certificates (Weapons)
8-20-180 CFP and Registration Certificate — General Provisions (Weapons)
8-20-185 Additional Duties (Weapons)
8-20-190 Denials and Revocations (Weapons)
8-20-200 Procedure for Denial (Weapons)
8-20-205 Procedure for Revocation (Weapons)
8-20-210 Automatic Revocation of Registration Certificates (Weapons)
8-20-220 False Information — Forgery — Alteration (Weapons)
8-20-230 Notice (Weapons)
8-20-240 Posting of Unsafe Handguns (Weapons)
8-24-027 Disguised Firearms Prohibited (Firearms and Other Weapons)
9-104-120 Deadly Weapons (Public Chauffeurs)
15-20-060 Small Arms Ammunition (Explosives and Fireworks)

2-8-820 Establishment and Supervision (City Council and Wards of the City)
2-8-830 Staff (City Council and Wards of the City)
2-8-840 Office Location and Hours (City Council and Wards of the City)
2-8-850 Powers and Duties (City Council and Wards of the City)
2-14-132 Impoundment (Department of Administrative Hearings)
2-84-190 Disposal of Weapons (Department of Police)
4-60-030 License Issuance Prohibited When (Liquor Dealers)
4-60-140 Prohibited Activities (Liquor Dealers)
4-60-181 Revocation Order not Stayed by Appeal (Liquor Dealers)
4-244-140 Prohibited Districts (Peddlers)
4-144-010 License — Required (Weapons)
4-144-020 License — Application (Weapons)
4-144-040 License Issuance and Renewal (Weapons)
4-144-050 Department Duties (Weapons)
4-144-060 Legal Duties (Weapons)
4-144-061 Sale of Certain Handgun Ammunition Prohibited (Weapons)
4-144-065 Sale of Metal Piercing Bullets (Weapons)
4-144-070 Operating Without a License (Weapons)
4-144-080 Penalty (Weapons)
4-144-190 Replica Firearms and Pellet Guns (Weapons)
4-144-250 Violation — Penalties (Weapons)
4-151-010 Definitions (Shooting Range Facility License)
4-151-030 License — Application and Issuance Procedures (Shooting Range Facility License)
4-151-040 Qualifications for Licenses (Shooting Range Facility License)
4-151-100 Standards of Operation (Shooting Range Facility License)
4-151-170 Use and Repair of Firearms and Sale of Ammunition (Shooting Range Facility License)
4-151-175 Storage of Firearms or Ammunition (Shooting Range Facility License)
4-240-120 Delay of Weapons Restricted (Pawnbrokers)
8-4-010 Disorderly Conduct (Public Peace and Welfare)
8-4-355 Enhanced Penalties for Offenses Committed in Student Safety Zones (Public Peace and Welfare)
8-20-010 Definitions (Weapons)
8-20-100 Sale or Transfer of Firearms or Ammunition Prohibited (Weapons)
8-20-300 Violation — Penalty (Weapons)
8-24-005 Definitions (Firearms and Other Weapons)
8-24-010 Discharging Cannons (Firearms and Other Weapons)
8-24-020 Sale or Possession of Deadly Weapons (Firearms and Other Weapons)
8-24-040 Discharging Toy Firearms; Replica Air Guns (Firearms and Other Weapons)
8-26-010 Definitions (Gun Offender Registration Ordinance)
9-52-020 Riding Bicycles on Sidewalks and Certain Roadways (Bicycle Operation)
9-52-021 Riding on North Sheridan Road Sidewalk Prohibited (Bicycle Operation)
9-108-160 Requirements for Operation — Possession of Weapon Prohibited (Horse-Drawn Carriages)
9-112-035 Licensee to Provide State Law Information (Taxicabs)
9-112-380 Revocation of License — Grounds (Taxicabs)
9-114-200 Revocation of License — Grounds (Public Passenger Vehicles Other than Taxicabs)
10-8-480 Casting Refuse and Liquids (Use of Public Ways and Places)
10-36-030 Firearms and Missiles (Parks, Playgrounds and Airports)
15-28-755 Storage of Hazardous Materials Prohibited (Hazardous Materials and Combustible Solids)
17-3-0207 Use Table and Standards (Business and Commercial Districts)
17-3-0402 Lot Area Per Unit (Business and Commercial Districts)
17-3-0403 Floor Area Ratio (Business and Commercial Districts)
17-3-0408 Building Height (Business and Commercial Districts)
17-3-0503 Designation and Boundaries (Business and Commercial Districts)
17-4-0207 Use Table and Standards (Downtown Districts)
17-4-0404 Lot Area Per Unit (Downtown Districts)
17-4-0405 Floor Area Ratio (Downtown Districts)
17-10-0102 Off-Street Parking Exemptions and Reductions (Parking and Loading)
17-10-0301 Spaces Required (Downtown Districts)
17-10-0603 B, C, DC, DX, DS and M Districts (Downtown Districts)
17-10-0702 Authorization and Criteria (Downtown Districts)
17-10-0801 Description (Downtown Districts)
17-13-0302 Type 1 and Type 2 Zoning Map Amendments (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-13-1003 Authorized Administrative Adjustments (Review and Approval Procedures)
17-17-0105-E Warehousing, Wholesaling and Freight Movement, Storage, Wholesale Sales and Distribution of Materials and Equipment (Terminology and Measurements)

Davis Appointed New Building Commish

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Chicago City HallThe Chicago Department of Buildings has a new head. Mayor Rahm Emanuel today named Felicia Davis Commissioner, replacing Michael Merchant. Davis will oversee code enforcement, as well as ongoing efforts to modernize the department.
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Chicago City Council Passes Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance

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By Matt Baker

Greenwashers. They are the ones telling you that their product is sustainable and never mind about backing those claims up. You might be annoyed to discover that you’ve wasted your money on paper towels or a floor cleaner that claimed to be green but wasn’t. Now imagine that the product bathed in greenwashing isn’t some $5 cleaning product but a piece of real estate.
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