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Through September 10, 2014

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The Chicago City Council has made changes to the following sections of the Chicago Municipal Code.

4-92-052 Premises (Massage Establishments and Massage Services)
17-6-0403 Use Table and Standards (Special Purpose Districts)
17-11-0201 Vehicular Use Areas — Applicability (Landscaping and Screening)
17-11-0202 Vehicular Use Areas — Perimeter Landscaping, Screening and Fencing (Landscaping and Screening)

New Facility Will Train Union Electricians in Next-Gen Technologies

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The IBEW NECA Technical Institute (IN TECH) campus has long been a recognizable site to drivers on I-294 as they travel through southwest suburban Alsip. It will soon stand out even more, however, after distinctive structures including turbines and solar panels go up. That’s not to mention a building that will look like the latest spaceship to land in the Chicago region since the Soldier Field redesign.
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Lucas Museum Starts to Take Shape

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The renderings are in for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art that will go up on a parking lot adjacent to Soldier Field. Filmmaker George Lucas announced the project earlier this year and tapped Beijing-based MAD Architects to design the museum.
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Through July 30th, 2014

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The Chicago City Council has made changes to the following sections of the Chicago Municipal Code.

Chapter 4-58 Restrictions on BYOB
13-96-875 Rules and Regulations (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)

2-12-010 Powers and Duties (City Clerk)
2-12-080 Deputy City Clerk — Appointment — Powers and Duties (City Clerk)
2-92-605 Sweatshop-Free Procurement (Department of Purchases, Contracts and Supplies)
2-156-380 Powers and Duties (Governmental Ethics)
2-156-445 Limitation of Contributing to Candidates and Elected Officials (Governmental Ethics)
3-56-160 Rules and Regulations (Wheel Tax Licenses)
3-64-030 Surcharge Imposed (Emergency Telephone System)
4-4-333 Synthetic Marijuana (General Licensing Provisions)
4-4-334 Synthetic Stimulants (General Licensing Provisions)
4-4-338 Cell Phones and Other Wireless Communication Equipment (General Licensing Provisions)
4-240-010 Definitions (Pawnbrokers)
4-240-070 Maintenance of Records (Pawnbrokers)
4-264-005 Definitions (Secondhand Dealers)
4-264-050 Recordkeeping (Secondhand Dealers)
4-264-070 Disassembling, Melting & Rebuilding Articles (Secondhand Dealers)
4-264-075 Removal of Identifying Marks Prohibited (Secondhand Dealers)
7-24-099 Possession of Cannabis (Drugs and Narcotics)
7-50-020 Fees — Use of Revenue — Applicability (Wireless Communication)
7-51-030 Surcharge Imposed — Applicability (Chicago Prepaid Wireless 911 Surcharge)
8-4-060 Vandalism Defined (Public Peace and Welfare)
8-4-070 Responsibility of Parent or Legal Guardian (Public Peace and Welfare)
8-4-120 Damage to Public Property (Public Peace and Welfare)
9-40-060 Driving, Standing or Parking on Bicycle Paths or Lanes — Prohibited (Driving Rules)
9-64-090 Residential Parking Permit (Parking Regulations)
9-68-020 Residential Parking Permits (Restricted Parking Permits and Regulations)
9-68-021 Sale of Residential Parking Permits (Restricted Parking Permits and Regulations)
9-80-205 Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (Miscellaneous Rules)
13-20-330 Tanks — Inspection Required (Building Inspections)
13-20-340 Tanks — Inspection Fee (Building Inspections)
13-20-650 Height and Location (Building Inspections)
13-32-231 Rooftop Gravity Tank Wrecking — Permit Required (Building Permits)
13-96-415 Definition (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)
13-96-420 Water Tanks and Tank Supporting Structures (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)
13-96-820 General Requirements (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)
13-96-830 Maintenance (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)
13-96-840 Inspection (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)
13-96-850 Compliance (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)
13-96-860 Unsafe Structures (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)
13-96-870 Rust Protection (Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures)
15-16-290 Gravity Tanks (Fire Protection Equipment)
17-3-0207 Use Table and Standards (Business and Commercial Districts)
17-4-0207 Use Table and Standards (Downtown Districts)
17-5-0207 Use Table and Standards (Manufacturing Districts)
17-6-0207 Use Table and Standards (Special Purpose Districts)
17-9-0100 Use Standards (Use Regulations)
17-9-0118 Wireless Communication Facilities (Use Regulations)
17-9-0129 Medical Cannabis Dispensing Organization (Use Regulations)
17-9-0203 Satellite Dish Antennas (Use Regulations)
17-10-0207 Off Street Parking (Parking and Loading)
17-17-0296 Marquee Sign (Terminology and Measurements)
17-17-02150 Roof Sign (Terminology and Measurements)

Lucas Museum Taps Chicago Firms Gang, VOA as Part of Design Team

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George Lucas announced in June that Chicago would be home to his Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA), and he has today revealed the team of architects and designers who will bring his vision to life. Beijing-based MAD Architects will be the principal designers. Chicago-based Studio Gang will design the landscape and create a bridge connecting LMNA to Northerly Island while another Chicago-based firm, VOA Associates, will serve as executive architect and implement the MAD design.
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CBRE Acquires U.S. Equities

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willisLocal boutique commercial real estate firm U.S. Equities has agreed to terms with CBRE Group and, effective today, CBRE has acquired U.S. Equities Realty’s national operations. U.S. Equities’ approximately 400 employees in Chicago will continue to service their clients in the same capacities with the combined firm.
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Is This the Next Supertall Tower in Chicago?

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WandaThe Wanda Group announced yesterday that it would invest $900 million to build what would be the city’s third tallest building. Located in the Lakeshore East neighborhood between Millennium Park and the Chicago River, the site is one of the last remaining undeveloped plots in the master plan site, home to Studio Gang’s acclaimed Aqua residential tower.
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Recycling Our Cities: Cook County’s Demolition Debris Diversion Ordinance

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DiversionBy Deborah C. Stone
Chief Sustainability Officer and Director
Cook County Department of Environmental Control

Did you know that nationwide, about 40% by weight of material that goes into our landfills comes from buildings? Cook County has only one remaining open landfill, which will close soon, meaning our communities will pay more to transport trash, and cause more diesel emissions into our air.

According to the Building Material Reuse Association (BMRA), on average, 25% of a home’s materials by weight can be reused instead of being landfilled, thus diverting materials from the waste stream and generating economic development opportunities associated with reuse. The majority of the remaining materials can be recycled.
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Climate Corps Comes to Chicago

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By Matt Baker

There has been a battle cry repeated more often than any other, especially in the green building community: energy efficiency. Renewables can cut greenhouse gas emissions, but during the wait for lower prices and more efficacious technologies we can reduce the amount of energy we consume now.

This strategy often promises a quick return on investment, handy for persuading those who oversee the funding. If improving energy efficiency makes so much sense, however, why does it often seem so hard to implement?
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Harper Court, Hyde Park and the Essence of Community

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By Matt Baker

HC6In its previous incarnation, Harper Court was a deteriorating remnant of past urban renewal. Evoking a 1960s strip mall vogue, two levels of retail were split off the plaza, with stairs leading down to shops below grade and another set of stairs going up to the second level. Trends in retail have changed, however, and it was proving difficult to retain tenants.
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